Key performance indicator

3DVES has developed an energy dashboard that reports the state-of-the-art to monitor energy KPIs in real-time with the help of an interactive interface.

Key Performance Indicator

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Our dashboards help users to cover fast-changing market demands, analyze and optimize production costs as well as to increase the overall profitability in the long-run.



One of the main principles is gathering most of the data with the optimal interval to present Data with transparency understanding, that data is the most important asset, dashboard gathers multiple data sources, including Utility billing, local database, Meter, Mobile, BMS, ERP, loT, etc., it means you can immediately see a detailed overview of your business in one quick glance, it reduces the amount of time it takes to compile reports, saving you time.


3DVES design dashboard working closely with users, to be sure that everybody understands or access easily, our well-designed dashboards provide on-demand access of all of users with the most important metrics.


Our Dashboards provide equipment, systems, sub-systems performance overall, but each component as well, 3DVES dashboards provide a good starting point for taking decisions, which is one of the biggest advantages of dashboards.

Interactive information

We want to provide a dynamic experience. Moving from static information to interactive information, with the ability to filter data, predicting systems or equipment failures, and improving maintenance tasks.