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Monitoring in real time

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Enter a 3D environment fully navigable

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Display in a 3D environment for immediate acces components.

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v-Eye is an application that allows you to navigate in a fully 3D environment and access to different monitoring and administration tools, bringing together the asset management of the facilities, system supervision, documentation, management services, alerts and analysis that will be decisive in each process.

Beyond the wall!

v-Eye is a powerful tool that allows you to visualize each of the systems that make up the building just by flipping a switch you will have a wide panorama through walls, ceilings and floors.

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Monitoring displayed in real-time graphics.

Status of each equipment in detail.

The operator can access through a detailed scene a report of the sensors and information of each equipment that will allow him to make an effective balance of the status of both the sensors and the equipment, and record it in a timely and accurate manner.

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Through the Library you can access all the building’s documentation from equipment, systems, architecture, among others.

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Obtain information related to the maintenance of each piece of equipment by accessing each of the data.

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Each equipment has a list of associated sensors that you can consult and monitor through real and accurate data.

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Monitoring displayed in real-time graphics.

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Report Issues

Report Issues

v-Eye gives you the possibility to report any anomaly detected in any equipment, where you can detail and send any report effectively.

Data Base

Data Base

You can make different queries to the database that thanks to its excellent structure, it is possible to obtain any data in the shortest possible time.



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