Construction monitoring
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Project management information


The core function of the Construction Industry is of course the construction and progress monitoring of an engineering projects, The challenges of managing, verifying, and relating information are many, and it is in this area where we are helping the industry.


Interaction and hight detail

3DVES offers multiple options for creating a 3D Model within a virtual environment, that emulates a real (vector) representation with a high degree of detail, providing any stakeholder an intuitive and user friendly interactive experience for manipulating the model.

Tracking by stage, through 3D tools

To achieve this, we collect and generate 3D Models using Laser scanning, 360 photography and 360 videos that are then integrated resulting in a highly accurate model that can be used to manage any project's accuracy, timeliness and progress.

Our approach is to first understand the precess steps and business challenges, and then prepare a solution plan that may include the adoption of one or more of the tools developed by 3DVES to automate or semi-automate models, share information and improve communication

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